V-Bending (V-Cut)

The experience gained over the years, combined with the desire for a continuous improvement of products and production processes have led YDF to develop an exclusive working technique, completely innovative: VIVO METALFOLDING (V-bending).
The technique allows to produce sophisticated and smooth pieces, with extreme attention to details for an exquisite end result: boxes and frames realized with no screws, not pins, as they were the natural movement the material supports. Objects directed towards a tasteful and demanding market, that combine technical and esthetic quality.

V-bending, also known as V-cut, produces a V-shape section on backside of metal material. Then the metal is folded along this channel to obtain sharp edges, usually at 90°. The products obtained are extremely precise, with sharp edges and no mechanical junction.

VIVO METALFOLDING proposes a precise bending system, reliable and extremely flexible, that solves the most demanding design needs. We work on a variety of metals in different thickness: steel V-bending, brass v-bending, stainless steel V-bending, aluminum V-bending.
Wide working space and acquired competence consent production of large pieces.