YDF is an artisan company specialized in the custom metal fabrication to manufacture bespoke metal works of the highest quality. of furniture and semi finished items.

With over 45 years of experience in the field, YDF proposes as ideal partner for qualified and demanding customers in terms of quality and reliability.
Projects varies from production of furniture for luxury shops, restaurants, common areas, stairs, parapets, balustrades, exhibition stands, showrooms, residential, offices, architectural elements for buildings, semi fished items for industry.
Thanks to the actual qualified staff YDF is able to follow all project phases, offering the required support to provide a complete service and above all a personal relationship based on mutual trust:

  • an internal Technical Department composed by qualified designers
  • a Production Department equipped with avant-garde machineries and skilled workforce
  • a flexible production structure, combined with care of each detail and high quality standards
  • punctuality and precision to handle the projects


Our mission is to be a reliable partner for Customers, to cooperate with in any area of intervention: each project is a challenge, a new point to reach thanks to the experience directly gained in the field.


We love being collaborators to offer a multidisciplinary approach that turns ideas into innovative and functioning solutions. Whether you have a detailed design or a concept to realize, our qualified staff will provide you with samples, construction details, estimates and manufacturing expertise.


The company is founded in Carimate with the name Grassi & Corbetta snc. It is a small artisan laboratory founded by Virginio Corbetta, specialized in the production of metal handwork, mainly turned to third party companies working in the furniture field.


Moved by the founder's passion for metalworking, over the years the company innovates its production, as well as working techniques, and remained firmly anchored to its roots, that proudly lie into metal: iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze or aluminum.


With the entry of the new generation and strong of its specialized workshop that lends itself to new challenges, YDF also qualifies in design and development of a new collection of design products distributed on the market with its own brand. It is an experience of great value that allows Luigi and Federica to form and define with greater determination their attitude to metal: an ancient element that allows to shape modern objects, unique in design; a versatile material to bend to give exact shape to any wish or need with the accuracy of a bespoke tailoring; a durable equipment, that is modeled according to your tastes, it is able to astonish each time with results that are never trivial.


YDF becomes the social cause of all company’s production and business activities. YDF stands out as producer of custom furniture, above all in fashion and luxury field. During this period the company extends the range of services offered, strengthen some strategic departments and renews its internal technology, specializing in innovative workings such as laser cutting and v-cut process.


YDF consolidates its experience in the custom furniture field. The factory currently occupies an area of approximately 5.000 sqm and directly employs 22 persons. It offers a flexible production structure, combined with care of each detail and high quality standards.